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Designing new parts, modifiying a chassis, engine improvement, managing product procurement orrange, import,
distribution : Poclain Véhicules' range of skills meets the different needs of car manufacturers andimporters.
The company is involved in all stages, from the design to the distribution of parts / cars andassembling. Located in
Etupes (Doubs), Poclain Véhicules, owner of FAM Automobiles brand, has
developed its business and located its plants and subsidiaries close to car manufacturers, in order to
provide partnership services for the production of specific limited editions.


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Hydraulic transmission offers greater mobility to a Light Commercial Vehicle on difficult ground conditions (mud, snow, sand…). The hydraulic assistance's principle consists in the installation of hydraulic motors in the rear axle trees of the vehicle. A real alternative to classic transmission systems, this innovation does not cause any excess weight, nor mechanical loss while enabling an increase in the vehicle's mobility on demand and a decrease in fuel consumption.

Hybrid hydraulic principle

Explication de l'hybridation hydraulique


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